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3 Beautiful Places For A Weekend Trip in Malaysia That We Love!

This post is about a weekend trip to Malaysia which we loved. We will be exploring three stunning places to remember. Whether it’s for a long or short weekend trip, read on!

Where should I go for the weekend in Malaysia?

There are a few resorts that are perfect for a weekend trip in Malaysia. In this post, we explore three resorts that are unique and picturesque.

Mangala Resort & Spa @ Gambang

weekend trip in Malaysia, Mangala Resort & Spa, Gambang, Pahang
Image Credit: Mangala Resort & Spa

The Mangala Story began with barren land. The owners of the resort spent 15 years converting the land into the paradise it is today. The beautifully landscaped resort is home to various villas with our choice being Jala Villa. The South China Morning Post recently shared an article about the owner’s dream to turn the barren land into his retirement home.

The nature trails on this resort are worth exploring. The nature activities include a morning walk and eco-tour. The resort can also arrange tours and excursions to nearby areas such as Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary, Sungai Lembing Tin Mine Tunnel, and Berkelah Waterfalls.

How To Get There

This resort is in the town of Gambang which is a 2.5-hour drive from Kuala Lumpur. The resort is 15 minutes from Gambang Toll exit and 19 miles from Kuantan. Alternatively, you can fly into Kuantan Airport and arrange for a pick-up at the hotel.

The journey from the airport to the resort takes about 30 minutes and is 12 miles from the Kuantan airport.


There are 6 types of accommodations which Sara Villa, Jala Villa, Vana Villa, Amani Villa, Family Villa, and the Bungalow. The basic accommodation is Sara Villa with rates which start at RM 800 (USD$ 200).

Endless Possibilities

Hijau @ Gopeng

Weekend Trip in Malaysia, Hijau @ Gopeng, Perak
Image Credit: Hijau @ Gopeng

Our second weekend trip in Malaysia is Hijau @ Gopeng. Hijau in the Malay Language means green. This boutique resort nestled between two rivers and a forest reserve. This resort is part of Hijau Adventures, a sustainable travel agency that seeks to contribute positively to local communities.

Hijau Adventures has some ready-made travel packages and guests have the option of customizing their trips as well. This resort is on SAYS which describes the place as a relaxing getaway from city life.

How To Get There

This resort is 116 miles from Kuala Lumpur and is a 2.5-hour drive. The only way to get there is to either hire a private taxi or enquire to arrange a pick-up from Kuala Lumpur.


There are 3 types of accommodation which are available. They are Bougain Villas, River Cabins and Glampung Loft. The starting rates are RM 65 (USD$ 16) per person for the dormitory-style river cabins. The highest rate is RM 150 (USD$ 37) per person for the river cabin with the pool.

Terrapuri Heritage Villa @ Setiu

weekend trip in Malaysia, Terrapuri Heritage Village, Setiu, Terengganu
Image Credit: Terrapuri Heritage Village

Our third weekend trip in Malaysia is to Terrapuri Heritage Village. Terrapuri means Lands of Palaces. This resort is a heritage village because the villas here are 100-200 years old. They have been refurbished and feature traditional facilities such as ceiling fans, wooden bathtubs, and pandanus slippers.

The highlight of this village is that it is located on Penarik Beach. This resort has recently been featured in EdgeProp where the writer described walking into the resort is akin to entering a mystical lost kingdom.

How To Get There

Terrapuri’s website gives an excellent description of how to get there.


There are 15 villas to choose from which are Rumah Kedai Buluh, Rumah Tasek, Rumah Paloh, and Rumah Seberang Takir to name a few. The rate starts at RM 529 (US$130) during the low season. The rates for Super Grand Deluxe start at RM 1149 (US$284) during the low season. The rates & offers are displayed here.

Where should I go on a weekend in Kuala Lumpur?

Rock Climbing in Batu Caves

Image Credit: Vertical Adventure

Batu Caves is an international destination known to many for its largest Murugan statue in the world. And its colorful annual Thaipusam festival. Do you know you can go rock climbing in Batu Caves?

Batu Caves were only known to locals until 1878 when William Temple revealed their wider existence to the world. In 1891, a temple was built within the caves. Do you know Thaipusam was first celebrated in Batu Caves in 1892?

Batu Caves currently hosts 8 vertical crags with routes beginning from ground level up. The four main walls are Damai Wall, Nyamuk Wall, Nanyang Wall, and Comic Wall.

KL Forest Eco Park

weekend trip in malaysia, kl forest eco park, bukit nenas reserve
Image Credit:

Kuala Lumpur Forest Eco Park or Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve is one of the last green lungs in Kuala Lumpur. The forest is 11,000 square meters and was founded in 1906. There are various hiking trails that are suitable for beginners and children.

What are the various facilities available in KL Forest Eco Park?

The famed facility is the Canopy Walk. The other facilities are a Gazebo with a view of KL Tower, a campsite, and a playground. For dining, there are several restaurants within KL Tower.

What is the entry fee for KL Forest Eco Park?

There is an entrance fee of RM 12 and RM 4 for Malaysian adults and children respectively. Foreigners can expect to pay RM 40 ($10) for adults and RM 18 ($5) for children.

Do you know that there were once ‘Bubble Cars‘ where you could see the view of where ‘green meets the city’?

Forest Research Institute of Malaysia

Image Credit: Forest Research Institute of Malaysia (FRIM)

Forest Research Institute of Malaysia (FRIM) is a statutory government agency that promotes sustainable management and use of forest resources in Malaysia. FW Foxworthy established a separate Forest Research Unit within the Forestry Department. He chose the present site of FRIM.

Visitors can also visit a former Orang Asli Settlement. Do you know that FRIM is on the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List for the world’s oldest and largest re-created tropical forest and is a center for biodiversity?

FRIM is compared to Singapore Botanical Gardens as they both British legacies. Internationally, FRIM is comparable to Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, Arnold Arboretum in Harvard, and Kebun Raya in Bogor, Indonesia.

The Malaysian Tatler listed FRIM in third place in its 7 Gorgeous Hiking Spots in the Klang Valley. The attractions in FRIM are Nature Trails, Must-Visit, and Gardens. A map is essential when exploring the area.

What is the entry fee to FRIM?

The entry fee is RM 1 ($0.25) for Malaysian adults and children who are 13 years and above. Children below the age of 13 enter for free. Foreigners pay RM 5 ($1.25) for adults and RM 1 ($0.25) for children. The detailed admission fees are here.

Where should I go for a short trip in Malaysia?

Genting Highlands

Genting Highlands is one of Malaysia’s hill stations located at the top of Mount Ulu Kali. This hill sits on the boundaries of two states which are Pahang and Selangor. Genting Highlands is the only hill resort where gambling is allowed in Malaysia.

Chin Swee Caves Temple

Lim Goh Tong built this temple after the construction of the casino and resort hotel. The location of this temple reminded him of his home town Penglai in Fujian Province, China. The Late Tan Sri Limpaid respect to Reverend Chin Swee. The Reverend had the ability to summon rain and drive away evil spirits.

To get a panoramic view, take a ride on Genting Skyway. This skyway connects the town below to Resorts World Hotel. An alternative is Awana Skyway which connects the Transport Hub, Chin Swee Temple, and SkyAvenue at the top. If you are planning a trip there, here are 6 Things You Need To Know Before You Go Up To Genting Highlands.

Bukit Tinggi

The last of our weekend trips to Malaysia is to Bukit Tinggi. This place is a stopover for visitors who are either returning or going to Genting Highlands. The most popular resort here is Colmar Tropicale. An article on Hype, 6 Malaysian Hidden Treasures That Resemble Famous Foreign Destinations placed this resort in second place as it resembles a “beautiful French Town”.

There is a Japanese Village near Colmar Tropicale that has a Zen-like ambiance that would wash away your worries. Surrounded by waterfalls and a Koi Pond, this village is a must-visit. Why not dress up as a Japanese in a Kimono? And indulge in tea at the Japanese Tea House.

An Unlikely Find is an article in the Daily Star on Colmar Tropicale.

Do you know that this resort is on The Connexion?


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