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9 Beautiful Lavender Fields in California

Lavandula or lavender is a flowering plant from the mint family that is native to Africa, Asia, and Europe. Lavender is an ornamental plant and a culinary herb. The lavender fields in California are of the Lavandula angustifolia species. These flowering plants grow in temperate climates and are used for culinary and in the production of essential oils.

Lavender is prized for its medicinal properties, fragrance, and color. In this post, we answer everything you need to know about lavender. From lavender fields in California to the benefits of lavender, it’s all here!

  1. Where is California?
  2. Are there any lavender fields in California?
  3. When should I go to a lavender farm?
  4. What country is famous for its lavender?
  5. What is the Lavender Capital of the US?
  6. Where is the biggest lavender field in the world?
  7. Are lavender fields in California worth it?

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Where is California?

The State of California is home to Hollywood, Silicon Valley, the Redwood, and Sequoia forests. This postcard-like city is in known as The Golden State. The state’s capital is Sacramento whilst Los Angeles is its most populous city.

With Oregon to its north, Nevada, and Arizona to its east, and Mexico’s Baja California to its south, California’s geography ranges from the Pacific Coast, the Sierra Nevada mountains, fir forests, and the Mojave Desert. 

Origin of Name

The earliest mention of the name California was in 1510 in the book, The Adventures of Esplandián by Garci Montalvo. In his book, he mentions a fictional island called California reigned by Queen Calafia. 

Her kingdom was said to be similar to the Amazons in that it was in a remote land rich in gold and pearls. 

However, Spanish explorers renamed the peninsula Las Californias during the 16th century. At that time, Las Californias included the states of Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Wyoming. 

Brief History

The Arlington Springs Man confirms the accepted theory of early human migration of Asians crossing the Bering Land Bridge to the Americas. The native Indians of California had as many as 135 distinct dialects.

During the 16th century, Spain and England sailed along the coast of California and did not land onshore. This was because they were focused on Mexico and Peru. 

Who first discovered California?

Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo first discovered California in 1542. He was an Iberian explorer known for undertaking explorations on behalf of Spain. He was believed to have departed from the port of Navidad in Mexico in search of the mythical Straits of Anian.

Three months later, he arrived in a “very good enclosed port” which is now San Diego Bay.  However, his expeditions did not end there. He continued further north to Monterey Bay and reached Point Reyes before turning back due to storms.

Do you know that the entrance to San Francisco Bay was only discovered in 1769?

What is California’s nickname?

The Golden State is California’s official nickname since 1968. The name signifies California’s economic development due to its gold rush that began in 1848. Between 1848-1854, an estimated 300,000 people came to try their luck at finding gold.

Golden State also described the fields of golden poppies that can be seen during the spring months beginning from March to May every year. 

Visa Requirements

The Bureau of Consular Affairs at the US Department of State manages the US visas. Foreign nationals who want to visit the United States must obtain a US visa before arrival. A Visa Waiver is given to citizens of 38 nations. 

The Tourism Visa B-2 is used for visitors visiting relatives, tourism, and seeking medical treatment. To determine your visa type, check out the Visa Wizard or check the local US Embassy in your country to know more.

Are there any lavender fields in California?

Yes! There are many lavender fields all over California. Let’s check each of your options below.

North California

The five most popular lavender fields in North California are Lavineyard Farms, Moonbeam Farm, Araceli Farms, Très Jolie Lavender Farm, and Monte Bellaria di California. Let’s see what each lavender field has to offer.

The map below gives the location of these farms all over California.

Lavineyard Farms

The first in our lavender fields in California is Lavineyard Farms. This family-run lavender field comes with an Italian vineyard, hence its name. This property was previously known as Tuscan Heights Lavender Gardens.

This farm host at least 200 varieties of lavender with their signature plant being the Tuscan Lavender. This farm is only authorized to grown Tuscan Lavender, brought from Italy to the US in 1987. They have a wide range of items on sale at their online shop


12757 Fern Road East, Whitmore, CA 96096.

Note: Check out their website for details on their next lavender season.

Moonbeam Farm

The second in our lavender fields in California is Moonbeam Farm. This farm sits on ten acres of fertile land just off the town of Corning. This farm is one of the few growers of loofah sponges in the United States. 

There are two peak seasons on this farm. The lavender harvests are from May through June while loofah harvests are from September to October every year. 


3911 Columbia Avenue, Corning, CA 96021.

Araceli Farms

The third in our lavender fields in California is Araceli Farms. This farm is managed by Justina and her team and is located in Dixon. In 2017, Justina together with her team planted 6 acres of lavender.

There are seven varieties of lavender available on her farm. They are also a sustainable farm in the way they source, manage, and package their products.


7389, Pitt School Road, Dixon, CA 96520

This farm is not open to the public. Hence, registration is required to visit. The lavender blooms are from mid-May to June every year. A General Admission ticket to the farm is $5 while a General Admission plus a Lavender Bundle is $10.

Très Jolie Lavender Farm

The fourth in our lavender fields in California is Très Jolie Lavender Farm. This farm prides itself on producing the purest lavender flowers. Their farm is located at the Sierra Foothills


13956, Sierra View Drive, Grass Valley, CA 95949

Their lavender bloom season is June and July with the farm expected to be open by appointment only. Check out their website for further details or contact Farmer Christine to know more. 

Monte Bellaria di California

The fifth in our lavender fields in California is Monte Bellaria di California. The term Monte Bellaria is an Italian word that means ‘mountain of beautiful air’. The two types of lavender grown here are English Lavender and Portuguese Lavender.

Tickets are required during the High Bloom Season and High Fragrance Season. The High Bloom Season is from 18th June to 1st August 2021. And, the High Fragrance Season from 7th August to 29th August 2021. Check their website for the latest updates. 


3518 Bloomfield Road, Sebastopol, CA 95472

Are you curious to know how to make lavender and honey tea?

Check out the recipe for Lavender and Honey Herb Tea that is easy and revitalizing.

Central California

The two main lavender fields in Central California is the Central Coast Lavender Farm and the Pageo Lavender Farm.

Central Coast Lavender Farm

Sixth in our lavender fields in California is the Central Coast Lavender Farm. This farm founded in 2006 is a lavender farm, distillery, and apothecary. The story of Central Coast is an inspiring read.  


6630, N Star Ln, Paso Robles, CA 93446

Frontiers confirmed that linalool can exert its calming effects to relieve stress and anxiety. If you are overwhelmed by the fragrance of the lavenders and crave something different, head to Hearst Castle which is an hour’s drive from Central Coast Lavender Farm.

Pageo Lavender Farm

The seventh in our lavender fields in California is Pageo Lavender Farm. This farm grows two types of lavender which are Grosso and Lodden Blue. Grosso is for distillery while Loddon Blue is for bath and culinary products.


11573, Golf Link Road, Turlock, CA 95380

Pageo is a popular wedding destination and is featured on The Knot and Wedding Wire.

South California

The three main lavender fields in South California which we explore are Keys Creek Lavender Farm, Ojai Lavender Farms, and Fork & Plow Lavender Farm. 

Ojai Lavender Farms

This farm began in early 2014 intending to use the Romans used sustainable and organic methods for growing and harvesting lavender. There are ten varieties of lavender grown on a ten-acre plot of land.

The mission of this festival is to promote the use of lavender and to educate farmers and growers on the benefits of the plants that grow in Ojai Valley’s Mediterranean climate.


11550 Topa Vista Road, Santa Paula, CA 93060 (Upper Ojai)

Fork & Plow Lavender Farm

This lavender farm is in Temecula Wine County and the good news is that their lavender season starts on 12th June onwards. Reservations are required, so book your Farm Pass tickets now.

The Farm Pass costs $10 and admits one person and includes one u-pick lavender bouquet. The full lavender bloom is expected to be on June 26th. To make your trip memorable, why not have a picnic on the lavender field.

The Picnic Basket menu includes The Summer Graze Box, Botanical Popsicles, and Garden Nicoise Pan Bagnat Sandwich. 


43601 Sorensen Road, Aguanga, CA 92536

Note: This lavender farm is dog-friendly, so long as your dogs are on a leash and well-behaved. However, dogs are not allowed on the lavender fields.


When should I go to a lavender farm?

Summer is the best time to visit lavender fields in the United States. Full lavender blooms begin in June and last until August. 

Where are the most beautiful lavender fields?

Valensole, France

Valensole is a city that sits 595 meters on a hill above sea level between the Plateau de Valensole and the Notre Dame Valley. Its name is true to its origins, Valensole is derived from the Latin words “Vallis” which means valley, and “Solis” which means sun.

In other words, it means Valley of the Suns. This is true when one sees the golden and purple hues that cover the valley from June to August. Check out the Full Day Valensole Lavender Fields Tour, after all, there is nothing like spending the day in a lavender field.

How far is Valensole from Paris?

The distance between Valensole from Paris is 388 miles and there are six ways to get to Valensole. 

Do you know that the Romans used lavender from Plateau de Valensole to store linen and perfume baths?

Cotswold, England

Cotswold is a town in southwest England that comprises Cotswold Hills and Cotswold Edge. This town is famous for Cotswold Stone which is the most beautiful and durable stone in the world.

The lavender farm in the area that is worth visiting is the Cotswold Lavender Farm located in Snowshill. The farm will reopen from 16th June till 5th August 2021 which is the lavender season.

What is Cotswold famous for?

Cotswold is famous for its quintessential stone-built English towns and villages. With rolling hills, this area a popular place to call home. Cotswold is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty due to its picture-postcard scenery. 

Check out 11 Reasons Everyone Should Visit The Cotswold, 15 Reasons Why You Should Really Visit Cotswold, and the 10 Places To Visit in Cotswold

To know more about the lavender farms in the United Kingdom and around the world, check out 10 UK Lavender Fields To Visit This Summer, 4 Popping Purple Lavender Farms and Fields To Visit Near London, and the 18 Dreamiest Lavender Farms Around The World.

Wanaka, New Zealand

Wanaka or Pembroke is a town in Otago, on the South Island of New Zealand. The word Wanaka is from the Maori word wānanga which means sacred knowledge or a place of learning. 

Wanaka is a popular tourist destination that is less busy than its neighbor, Queenstown. The town boasts snow-capped mountains in winter and clear blue lakes in summer. Check out The Bucket List Guide To Wanaka to know more.

Wanaka Lavender Farm is the place to go to experience 20 acres of lavender fields. Or, you can relax with a cup of lavender tea amongst garden displays and farm animals. Check out Growing A Family Business to know more. 

Are there lavender fields in New Zealand?

Yes, there are several lavender fields in New Zealand. Read all about these fields at New Zealand’s 10 Most Beautiful Lavender Farms and New Zealand’s Fragrant Lavender Farms

Is Wanaka worth visiting?

Yes! Other than lavender fields, there is plenty to see and do here. Check out the 11 Must-Do Experiences In South Island, 6 Reasons Why You Should Visit Wanaka, and 10 Things To Do With Kids In Wanaka

Westfjords, Iceland

This large peninsula lies on Denmark Straits and faces the coast of Greenland. The capital and its most populous town is Ísafjörður which has a modest population of 2600 people. A popular activity is cruising along the bay and watching wildlife in their natural habitats.

What are the purple flowers in Iceland?

At first glance, you would think that the purple flowering shrubs are lavenders, right? These shrubs are lupines. Lupines are from the legume family, unlike lavender which comes from the mint family.

The lupines found in Iceland are the Blue Nootka Lupine which is native to North and South America. Read Why Iceland is Turning Purple, Beauty or Beast, and Iceland’s Famed ‘Lunar Landscape’ Is Turning Purple to know more. 

Rose Valley, Bulgaria

Officially, this country is the Republic of Bulgaria with Bulgarian as its national language. With its advantages of cheap labor, excellent climate, and a long tradition of growing lavender, it is no wonder that Bulgaria has taken the lead in producing lavender. 

The roses in Rose Valley have been cultivated for three centuries. The picking season is from May to June and Kazanlak is the center of the nation’s rose oil industry.

Why is Bulgaria the Land of Roses?

It is Land of Roses because the nation grows the rare rose hybrid of Rosa Damascena. Every year, the nation hosts the Rose Festival Kazanlak.

What country is famous for its lavender?

The country known for its lavender is France, specifically, Provence. Read on to know more about Provence in the section below.

Provence, France

Provence is a historical province in southeastern France that borders the Mediterranean Sea and includes the French Riviera. The major cities in the region are Marseille, Cannes, Nice, Toulon, and Aix-en-Provence.

With a typical Mediterranean climate, mild winters with little snow, and an abundance of sunshine, Provence has been home to many notable people. Many of the world’s famous painters have either stayed here temporarily or visited Provence at least once.

Vincent Van Gogh lived here for more than two years while Pablo Picasso spent a considerable time at Côte d’Azur. Why not walk in Van Gogh’s footsteps and discover sites that inspired his paintings. 

Provence is famous for its rose wine. Rosé wine has a pale pink color and its taste can range from berries to spicy. Read about 13 Things You Didn’t Know About Provencal Rose to know more. 

Check out the Essential Guide to Provence Wine Region, the 20 Reasons to Visit Provence, and 15 Must-See Towns in Provence to know more.

When can you see lavender fields in Provence?

Imagine being in a field of lavender, with its calming fragrance and gorgeous purple hues. Unfortunately, lavender season isn’t an all-year affair. In Provence, the peak bloom is from June until August.

Check out this Guide To Visiting The Provence Lavender Fields, Where To See France’s Best Lavender Fields, and 20 Stunning Photos of Lavender Fields in France to know more. 

How long is the train ride from Paris to Provence?

These high-speed trains can reach speeds of 357.2 miles per hour and are known as Traine a Grande Vitesse (TGV). The traveling time between Paris and Aix-en-Provence is about 3 hours and 30 minutes. Check out How To Get From Paris to Aix-en-Provence to know more.

What is the Lavender Capital of the US?

The Lavender Capital of the United States is Sequim. This city sits at the base of the Olympic Mountains and along the Dungeness River. Other than lavender, this town is also famous for its Roosevelt Elk and the Dungeness Crab.


Another lavender field in California? Not! This one is in the state of Washington. With its Mediterranean climate, and within the rain shadows of the Olympic Mountains, Sequim is an ideal place for lavender to grow in abundance.

How many lavender farms are there in Sequim?

It would be difficult to choose the best lavender farm in Sequim as there are only 10 farms, all within miles from each other. Check out the 10 Lavender Farms You Should Visit In Sequim and visit them all.

What do you do at Dungeness Spit?

This natural sand spit protrudes out from the northern edge of the Olympic Peninsula and heads towards the Strait of Juan de Fuca. The start of the Dungeness Pit is at the Northern Coast of Washington’s Olympic Peninsula. Or, you can hike the Dungeness Spit as it continues to grow about 13 feet a year. 

Where is the biggest lavender field in the world?

With France and Bulgaria being the largest producers of lavender, you would think that the biggest lavender fields in the world are in those countries, right? Wrong!

The biggest lavender field in the world is in Tasmania, Australia. It’s the Bridestowe Lavender Estate. Read all about it in the section below.

Bridestowe Lavender Estate

bridestowe lavender farm, tasmania, australia
Photo by Ockert Le Roux at Bridestowe Lavender Estate

The honor of the biggest lavender field in the world belongs to Bridestowe Lavender Estate in Nabowla, Tasmania. The farm spreads over 260 acres and has an estimated 600,000 plants. The endless rows of lavender are almost 125 miles in length, that’s how big this farm is!

Who owns Bridestowe Lavender Farm?

The original owner of this farm was a perfumer, CK Denny. He chose to migrate to Tasmania in 1921 with his family and brought a bag of French lavender seeds with him on his journey to Tasmania. He believed that Tasmania’s climatic conditions were similar to France’s. 

By 1924, the Denny’s had produced lavender oil similar in quality to that of the French lavender oil found in France. With this initial success, he began to improve quality and yield. 

Thus, began the painstaking task of identifying, cloning, and re-planting individual lavender plants which were of the finest quality.

The Denny family held onto the farm until its last Denny owner, Tim Denny retired in 1989. The farm switched owners until it reached its current owner, Robert Ravens

Are lavender fields in California worth it?

Yes! Lavender is a versatile plant that has both medicinal and culinary properties. According to WebMD, lavender is beneficial for treating anxiety, depression, menstrual cramps, and surgical pains. Lavender oil improves hair and skin health, improves mood and sleep, and has a soothing effect on our nervous system. 

Check out the 11 US Lavender Farms You Can Visit and Stop And Smell the Lavender At These California Places to know more. 

What do lavenders symbolize?

Lavender represents grace, calmness, devotion, purity, and silence. Its purple hue is symbolic of royalty and elegance. In terms of spirituality, purple is the color of the crown chakra. Thus, offering lavender during a prayer symbolizes healing and the quest to attain higher consciousness. 


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